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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why can’t I book an appointment after 5 pm?

We are committed to being able to assess your urgent illnesses in a timely manner. In order to respond quickly to your acute medical needs, evening appointments are reserved for unpredictable and urgent concerns. Routine follow-up appointments (e.g. diabetic assessments) can be booked in advance during regular daytime office hours.

How long will it take to get my test results?

Most laboratory results are received by us within 48 hours. However, it can take up to 10 business days to receive your x-ray, ultrasound, MRI or CT scan reports. We will contact you with any results that are concerning or require follow up. If your tests results are normal, you will not hear from us. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about any results, feel free to contact us.

Are you a walk-in clinic?

We are a comprehensive primary care centre.

For all member of the community, we offer walk in services daily.

As a patient of WMC FHT you have access to additional services:

  • Book an appointment with your primary care provider
  • Book an appointment with an alternate health care professional: Pharmacist, Nurse Practitioner, Psychologist, Social Worker, Registered Practical Nurse, Family Practice Nurse, Dietitian
  • Book an appointment with our after hours clinic for unpredictable items
  • A Family Practice Nurse in our office from 9- 5pm for telephone advice
  • A Registered Nurse from 5pm to 9am, 7 days a week and 24 hrs on holidays, who can assess your medical concern, advise you of care options and even access one of our physicians if needed.
  • Securely message the office for non-urgent items via the patient portal
  • AND NOW: Walk in anytime for immediate care without an appointment

I ran out of all my medications, how do I get a refill?

The preferred method for a refill is to book an appointment with your Health Care Professional, because we believe in quality health care and recommend that you should have a consultation prior to renewing any medication to ensure that it is safe and effective. For certain circumstances, that prevent you from visiting the office, we offer to renew your medications, with the Physician’s approval for a fee of $25.

I forgot about my appointment today, will I be charged?

Yes, failure to provide 24 hours notice for a cancellation, will result in a missed appointment fee ranging from $45 to $125. If your appointment is booked with a member of our Mental Health Team, we require 48 hour’s notice or a fee of $145 will be applied. If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please call the office at 905-893-8085 to cancel it. If the office is closed, please leave a message. This ensures that we are able to offer your spot to another patient.

I am waiting for a specialist appointment, when do I expect to hear back?

Generally, you should receive a notification within 3 weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot control the time delay for your notification nor the actual appointment date with the specialist. However, we make every effort to ensure that you are seen in a timely manner.

Why am I seeing a Nurse Practitioner?

Based on your reason for the visit, we determine the most appropriate provider, as this ensures that you receive the most comprehensive care. A Nurse Practitioner works collaboratively with all Health Care Professionals and the focus is to complement the role of your Family Physician.

Why do I need to speak to the Registered Nurse?

Family Practice Nurses are Registered Nurses, who can provide health assessment and respond to your medical concerns. In our commitment to being accessible, your call maybe transferred to them. They will assess you, answer your questions, and if required, direct you to the most suitable Health Care Professional. This ensures that we provide you with the most timely and comprehensive care.

I didn’t call to pre-book my appointments, because I thought it was same day bookings only?

In order to respond quickly to your medical needs, daytime and evening same day appointments are available. All our evening appointments are reserved for unpredictable and urgent care concerns. Routine follow-up appointments (e.g. diabetic assessments) should be booked in advance during regular daytime office hours. In order to better meet your needs, sometimes, in the absence of your Family Physician, you might be seeing another Health Care Professional. All our team members,  have access to your medical records and work together to provide you with the best possible care.

How long do I have to wait for a physical?

We will be happy to book you with your Physician or our Nurse Practitioner for a PERIODIC HEALTH VISIT, which now, takes the place of an annual physical. As mandated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and from a preventative health point of view, these periodic health visits are not required on a annual basis. The timing of such is based on age and gender and should be discussed with your Physician. If you have any current medical concerns, please book an appointment to review with your Physician and do not wait until your periodic health visit.



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