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Annual Block Fees – Uninsured Services

ABF LETTER 2023[12]

Dear Patient,

It is our pleasure serving you as your Family Doctors, providing you with quality medical advice and care to meet your health care needs.

As you may know, the Ontario Government covers the cost of providing medically necessary services to patients through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Any medical service not covered by OHIP is called an uninsured service.

Some of the common uninsured services include:

  • –  Work and school related notes
  • –  Prescription refills by phone
  • –  Missed appointments
  • –  Driver’s medical and other third party examinations
  • –  Medical forms for insurance, legal or employment purposes
  • –  Photocopying, faxing and transfer of medical records.In the past we have allowed patients to pay for uninsured services on an as-needed basis or by opting into an annual plan, which many patients have found to be a more convenient and cost-effective way to manage these charges. We will continue to offer both options, including the Annual Block Fee, which covers most of your uninsured services for the entire year for one annual fee.

    This plan follows the guidelines established by the Ontario Medical Association. Participation is voluntary, and all medically necessary services will continue to be covered by OHIP.

    For a complete list of the services covered by this plan, and their individual costs, please visit our website at www.wmcfht.com or consult the chart attached.

    Please complete the registration form attached, and return it to our office.

    We look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest standards of healthcare, and thank you for your understanding of this issue.


    Woodbridge Medical Centre

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