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Mental Health Team

GP Psychotherapist

Dr. David Dev

General Practitioner (GP) Psychotherapist is a trained Medical Physician who has a special interest in psychotherapy and has sought training in psychotherapy. They are able to diagnose, prescribe medications and provide psychotherapy for patients. Psychotherapy is a way of treating feelings, thoughts and behaviors when a person is in emotional distress.



A Psychologist has completed a PhD in clinical psychology in order to be licensed in Ontario. They DO NOT prescribe medications. They offer non-medical treatments for mental health problems. They are trained to assess and diagnose problems with thinking, feeling and the associated behaviours.

Social Worker – 905-893-8085 Ext. 212

Gloria Murphy, Amanda Vieira, Lyn Gourley

A Social Worker has a university degree in social work. They help people identity and understand their source of stress or difficulty. In addition, they help find much needed resources (e.g. housing, unemployment insurance and social assistance). They DO NOT prescribe medication nor do they provide a diagnosis of mental health problem.

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